It was quite logical that, sooner or later, ideas would be formulated for purchasing a large Prairie from Barry for the Severn Valley line in the days of preservation. With a '2251' 0-6-0, 57XX pannier tank and 45XX small 'prairie' already 'in the bag' as examples of Severn Valley power in G.W.R. days, the 5101 large prairie became the next logical 'conquest'.

After the Severn Valley's usual careful professional inspection of all candidates at Barry, No. 5164 was selected as being in the best condition of the 10 large prairies in the yard and it was purchased for an estimated £2,250 thanks to the usual help from Mr. Dai Woodham of Woodham Bros by the 5164 Fund.

5164 was moved to Bewdley in 1973 in convoy with 4930 Hagley Hall and 7819 Hinton Manor.

In 1979 5164 was steamed for the first time and entered service in October 1979, she was withdrawn from service in late 1979 / early 1980 for some adjustments to be made and re-entered service.